Brotherhood Week ’23 Recap

*dlbwck* Can you smell it? It’s on the air tonight. It’s that sweet, sweet perfume of summer.

And with every new summer comes the end of another rush semester. This Spring, the brothers introduced four new members to the fraternity: Amadou Gaye, Jackson Brandenburg, Salem McCants and Wonsuk Han!

They showed plenty of gumption and spirit all semester long. They experienced the highs and lows of the first semester. They now know what it means to have the most fun you never want to have again. Ask them about their time and they’ll have a story or two to tell.

And on the night of May 6th, the brothers were happy to finally accept them into the bowels of Delta Psi Delta.

So without further ado, brothers and brothermen, your Spring 2023 Deltas!

In order of appearance: Amadou Gaye, Jackson Brandenburg, Salem McCants and Wonsuk Han!
VC: TJ Lawrence

A Big Thanks to the Alumni

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, ol *dlbwck!* and Brother Murph would like to thank all the alumni who showed up and showed out to ensure the active members had the support they needed to make it such a memorable experience for their new brothers.

Alumni presence included:
  • Abraham Romero
    (Spring ’18)
  • Adrian Duncan
    (Spring ’16)
  • Ben Niesen
    (Spring ’15)
  • Jackson Horton
    (Spring ’12)
  • Jordan Leis
    (Spring ’18)
  • Joseph Murphy
    (Fall ’19)
  • Kota Carter
    (Fall ’19)
  • Lincoln Neal
    (Spring ’14)
  • Melvin van Hurck
    (Spring ’17)
  • Pablo Mendoza
    (Spring ’18)
  • Weston Lawrence
    (Fall ’19)
  • Zachary Howe
    (Spring ’18)

During our chats, Ben mentioned wanting to create more events geared toward alumni participation during Rush Week and Brotherhood Week. Something like a bowling night for a Rush event or an Alumni barbecue on the Sunday after initiation. Keep an ear and eye out for announcements!

Basement Update

This is the before picture. But, like, way before. In fact, this is the before-before picture.

Ah, you didn’t think that was it, did ya? No, no, no. Ol *dlbwck!* has an update on the basement repair project.

Since the unfortunate flood just before New Year’s, alumni Larry Thornton-Jones, Adrian Duncan-Valdez and Ben Niesen have been hard at work, collaborating with the brothers to repair the damage. After finishing all the necessary flood cuts, we boarded up the majority of the cuts with plywood. Take a look!

There’s still a closet to be done, but I digress, *dlbwck!*

Thanks to invaluable contributions and counsel from alumni such as David Betts, Doug Sundman and Raymond Wattis, we managed to prevent mold and perform the repairs in-house.

All the while, the alumni association worked with Matt Taylor to pull off the most successful fundraiser in years. Combined with the savings on labor and materials, the vast majority of the money raised can now be used for other projects the house desperately needs doing.

Come join us for an Alumni Work Party
June 10th, 2023

That said, Ben, Wally and Larry want to knock out the rest of the basement. They would like to invite every able-bodied alumnus to come help them:

  • Finish boarding up the cuts
  • Apply primer
  • Attach molding

They believe we can finish these tasks with enough alumni hands in a day. They have the tools. They just need the people! If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at

And that’s all, folks! From Ben and I, ol’ *dlbwck!*, we hope you enjoyed another fraternal update.

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Hello, hello! My name is Dlbwck and I represent Delta Psi Delta. You may have seen me on the crest, standing proud among the stars of our first members and the stripes of your double tenets: duty and devotion. With the changing times, I decided to try my hand at web design and management. Look for my blog posts on the Delta Scroll and enjoy the Delta Psi Delta website.

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