Brotherhood Dates Spring ’23

*dlbwck!* Yes, it’s me, your ever-ready rooster, ready once again with some news for the Spring Semester. I just jumped off the roost with the Sergeant-at-Arms, Chance Jones, after discussing some important dates for the new member process: Naming and Brotherhood Week! Naming Ceremony: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 @ 9pm Big Lebowski 25 Year Anniversary:Continue reading “Brotherhood Dates Spring ’23”

Fundraiser and Pledge Class Update

Howdy there, fellow Deltas, it’s *Dlbwck!* and Ben with a promised update on our Spring ‘23 Fundraiser and pledge class. A lot of work has happened in the past month, some of it deliberate, some of it by the seat of our *dlb*-ing pants, all of it with the goal of keeping the house comfyContinue reading “Fundraiser and Pledge Class Update”

This Year’s Delta Fundraiser

Howdy there, Dlbwck here to present some recent news of the spontaneous variety. Alumni Matthew Taylor (class of 2006) has started a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $10,000 by March 1st. This fundraiser will help the Alumni Association and 369 Boards gather the capital necessary for some critical needs at the property, including:Continue reading “This Year’s Delta Fundraiser”

New Members and Rush Week Spring ’23

*dlbwck!* Howdy there Deltas of a different feather, it’s ol’ Dlbwck again, ready to smooth your coat with another update at the beginning of Spring Semester 2023. It’s been a *dlb*ing minute, and as the co-resident super-super-super-senior here, along with Brother Murph and the bruising encouragement of Alumni Ben (seriously, man, words hurt), I wantedContinue reading “New Members and Rush Week Spring ’23”

Happy New Year From Delta Psi Delta

*dlbwck!* Well, hell-in-a-handbasket, it seems I’ve forgotten what day it is! That’s right, it’s me, Dlbwck, back again with another update for all those dear ol’ Deltas who’ve been wondering what the brothers have been up to as of late. We had quite the Fall semester, introducing new members, saving the basement and otherwise planningContinue reading “Happy New Year From Delta Psi Delta”

Welcome to Fall 2022

Back Beneath the Old Oak Tree *ring-ring, ring-ring* *thud!* *ring-ring, ring-ring* *bang, crash, thud!* Dlbwck! Alright, alright, I’m up. I’m up. Seems a rooster can only get so far with a snooze option. Dlb, dlb! But what do you expect? I am only attending my *checks notes* 119th year at Linfield College University. Classes haveContinue reading “Welcome to Fall 2022”

Brotherhood Week Spring 2022

Welcome, Class of Spring ’22! *dlb* Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my esteemed alumni and honored brothers. It’s ol’ *Dlbwck!* ready to ring in the Summer with a quick introduction to our newest member, Chance Jones. A member of Linfield’s class of 2025, Chance has family ties to Delta. He took the plunge to join DeltaContinue reading “Brotherhood Week Spring 2022”

Initiation Week 2022: A Fraternal Update

Well, well, well, if it isn’t May again at Linfield College and/or University. *dlb dlb* The end of Spring Semester means every Delta out there should have their feathers standing on end for Initiation Week, whether they plan to attend or not. It also means it’s time for another update as the Brothers prep themselvesContinue reading “Initiation Week 2022: A Fraternal Update”

February Alumni Work Party Recap

*Puk puk* Hello there! It’s me, Dlbwick, again, with another update! Spring is upon us, and ol’ Dlbwck knows what Punxsutawney Phil was actually afraid of his living quarters. He put off six more weeks of Spring cleaning. *puk puk!* Not here, though; the Delta men and alumni banded together on February 5 to getContinue reading “February Alumni Work Party Recap”


*puk, puk, puk* Guess who’s back, back in Mac? It’s me, Dlbwck! Well, I guess I never really left, but it’s been a long, long time, all with nary a cluck. Things must have gotten hectic around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, which means I didn’t have any script for a Winter update or nuthin’! What’sContinue reading “RUSH WEEK SPRING 2022”