Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Association Board works with the Active Members and 369 SE College Ave. Inc Board to further and preserve Delta Psi Delta. Any Delta member can request to attend our meetings.

If you would like to contact one or more members of the board, please click on our alumni email and include the name of the specific alumni you wish to speak to in the subject line. We promise to answer your email within 5-7 business days.

Larry Thornton-Jones

Alumni Association Board Chairman

I joined the Deltas in 1964 and graduated from Linfield in 1968. Before becoming chairman of the Alumni Association Board, I established a private counseling practice and retired in 2018. I was hesitant to join a fraternity, not being sure what fraternity life was all about. I do not regret it. Being part of the Deltas was formative in my maturing as a young man. I highly value the opportunity to support that kind of experience for other young men wanting to join the Delta fraternity.

John Shadden

369 Board Chairman

I joined the Deltas in 1964, graduating with the class of 1968 with a bachelor’s in Psychology and currently at work as an Attorney at Law. I was drawn to the common interests I shared with most of the fraternity members at the time, namely men’s choir. Since joining, Delta taught me how to get along with others and now I work alongside fellow alumni Walter Karstad to maintain the house and grounds.

Walter Karstad

369 Board Treasurer

I joined the Deltas in 1964 and graduated in 1968 with a bachelor’s for Chemistry. In 1970 I completed an MBA at Oregon State University. I am now retired but my business career focused on companies in the Oregon high-tech industry. On the Delta Alumni Board I handle the monthly financial transactions and coordinate with the current Brothers. I was drawn to the Deltas in 1964 as I saw a diverse group who did treat everyone as a brother. Today my oldest and closest friends are Deltas.

Michael-Schmidt Dipaola

Alumni Association Board Secretary

I joined the Deltas after Fall 2008 and graduated with a bachelor’s of History in 2012. I work as a Director of Online Sales and Analysis for Wide World of Golf in Boise, Idaho. Initially, it was just to meet people. However, as I spent more time at the house, I realized that there was a deeper bond between the brothers than just shared hobbies or interests. There was a deep sense of loyalty and appreciation for life that was evident. All of the Delta’s understood that we were at Linfield to get an education, but also to learn what it meant to be a moral and upstanding person.

Douglas Sundman

369 Board Member

I joined the Deltas during the Fall of 2012. Since graduating with my class of 2016, I manage a small high end construction business in Bend, Oregon specializing in custom homes and remodeling projects. During my time in the house I acted primarily as House Manager and Sergeant-at-Arms and learned firsthand how much work it takes to maintain a fraternity house both physically and spiritually.

Ben Niesen

Alumni Association Board Member

I joined the Deltas during the Spring of 2015 and graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s for French and a passion for music journalism. Podcasts and writing about music generally take my spare time. I took over the Delta Psi Delta website in 2018. I was drawn to the house because of the confidence and camaraderie it seemed to imbued in each of its members. Soon enough, I discovered that Delta served as a place to find that confidence in myself.

Interested in Joining?

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