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A Local Fraternity

Delta Psi Delta was founded in 1904 at was then McMinnville College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Originally named the Dirty Dozen, our founders are at once bits of fact and fiction wrestled into one. Some say we were founded on a principled education. Others say it was all about coming together over a good meal of poultry. What we do know is that our mascot rooster, Dlbwck, has stood the test of time on our crest.

Incorporated in 1952, our institution has seen Linfield University through multiple name changes, presidents and houses. Our original house sat on 335 SE College Ave. and was a regular hub for brothers to sing standards such as “Casey Jones” and “That’s Amore.”

The current fraternity house is located just down the street from Campbell Hall at 369 SE College Ave. Listen closely and you might hear wild Deltas practicing songs new and old.

The brothers of Delta Psi Delta are active in all phases of campus life. From athletics to scholarship to school clubs, members of the fraternity are involved in what impassions them.

For young men interested in connecting with the fraternity, current membership actively curates a healthy online presence for Facebook and Instagram and are regularly walking the school grounds with their letters, ready to host a conversation about why they chose Delta Psi Delta or even set up a tour of the house.

delta psi delta old house
The original house on 335 SE College Ave. purchased from Linfield University

A Timeline of ΔΨΔ

  • 1904: Fraternity first organizes as the “Dirty Dozen”

  • 1913: “Dirty Dozen” formally consecrate themselves as Delta Psi Delta which translates roughly to “undertaking a training for the glory of the soul;” current crest adopted

  • 1952: Delta Psi Delta is incorporated as Delta Psi Delta Corporation

  • 1953: Fraternity purchases the original house on 335 SE College Ave. from Linfield University

  • 1964: Groundbreaking begins on the new house on 369 SE College Ave.

  • 1966: The new house is completed

  • 1985: Old house is removed

  • 2009: Fraternity makes last mortgage payment, cementing total ownership of the current house

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