Our House

The New House

The current Delta Psi Delta house is located at 369 SE College Avenue on the north side of Linfield University.

Constructed in 1966, next to the old “white house,” the new house is a reflection of the continued commitment to the fraternity by members both active and alumni. The house has been renovated and amended by the brothers and alumni in concert since its construction to the present day. Recent renovations include the bathrooms, laundry room and basement lounge.

The house features multiple private rooms, social hangouts and an indoor sauna for the brothers and their guests to enjoy at leisure. Two kitchens allow for the brothers to prepare meals throughout the day.

Situated just a short walk away from Maxwell Field, TJ Day and Dillin Hall, active members living in the house will find themselves close to the various nerve centers of the University.

The house is also as close to a straight shot as possible from McMinnville’s vaunted Third Street where one can find various shopfronts, restaurants and regular festivals. Giving brothers a healthy distance from both town and school, the new house is the perfect place to enjoy both school and leisure.

The Old House

in 1953, Delta Psi Delta bought 335 SE College Ave. from the University and settled in quickly. The old house featured a beautiful porch and bay windows. From those lilywhite walls, the brothers would serenade fellow students with songs like “Casey Jones,” “That’s Amore” and other standards.

By later that decade, however, the brotherhood leadership quickly decided the old home was insufficient to house our quickly growing brotherhood. After construction of the new house in 1966, the old house stood until 1985, when it was razed and part of the land was sold.

Nonetheless, the old house is remembered is as the sanctuary that first inspired members of the fraternity to rally together and build a home for Delta Psi Delta.

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