Welcome to Fall 2022

Back Beneath the Old Oak Tree

Alan Hubka speaks to the Deltas

*ring-ring, ring-ring* *thud!* *ring-ring, ring-ring* *bang, crash, thud!* Dlbwck!

Alright, alright, I’m up. I’m up. Seems a rooster can only get so far with a snooze option. Dlb, dlb! But what do you expect? I am only attending my *checks notes* 119th year at Linfield College University. Classes have started, and I’ve already missed my first few. Hmm, this is some advanced senioritis, dlb.

You may have noticed it’s back-to-school season by way of endless office supply sales, cooler temperatures and shorter evenings. Here at the Delta House, ol’ Dlbwck can tell by the din of brothers returned to their ancestral home, dlb, dlb. Yes, whether attending school or just visiting for football, a call always seems to go out in the fall:

“Come home.”

With that in mind both, Ben and I have some things for your consideration this fall, dlbwck!

New Website Features

You might not think it, but ol’ Dlbwck here has been quite the industrious rooster this summer. Yes, this would-be poultry has been keeping watch over the 369 SE College Avenue coop, but he’s also in charge of this here website, dlb, dlb.

Active members TJ Lawrence and Chance Jones are all smiles.

Some of this is normal housekeeping, like updating our Brother Executives page for newly elected Social Treasurer, Chance Jones.

But this preened machine has also been collaborating with Ben and Jim Harger to bring you an online database of our archives. This will be the place where our alumni can find digitized photo albums and home videos.

We will be adding things slowly, but we hope you enjoy this compendium built by Deltas for Deltas. The password will be sent out in an email soon. If you don’t receive the password, send us an email today! And with that-dlbwck!-I leave it to you, Ben.

Return of The Homecoming Banquet…

Debbie Harmon speaks to the Deltas

Delta’s annual homecoming buffet has returned. Alumni from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s all arrived to enjoy great food and a chance to reconnect two years after COVID-19 shut down the possibility of meeting in person.

And through the excellent fundraising efforts of our alumni, we managed to bring every active Delta there, including me, apparently!

Together, the alumni raised over 1400 dollars to ensure all active Deltas will be able to attend future banquets to come.

Speakers included Alan Hubka and Debbie Harmon. Both graced the crowd with plaudits for their ability to stay in touch and engage with each other’s lives, speaking to the power of fraternity through the ages. Harmon expressed a mutual admiration between our local fraternity and the administration of Linfield University.

Alan Hubka, as always, gave thanks the indefatigable Kay Johnston. Dlbwck would like to echo that statement: without her, we would not have had an event that rekindled old friendships, connected new members to alumni and reestablished our fraternal collection.

…and the Annual Meeting

Our homecoming dinner is not all, Dlbwck! After two years gone, the brothers welcomed alumni back into the house for our annual meeting of the different executive boards, discussing current and future issues relevant to the longevity of the fraternity.

The incomparable Wally Karstad put together an effective presentation detailing where 369 College Ave. board stood keeping the house financially sound while the brothers continued preparing to recruit more members.

Jeff Kressner and the Educational Board also congratulated Tanner Coulter and Jordan Tate for their academic success with scholarships.

Larry Thornton-Jones highlighted how alumni carried out multiple work parties throughout the year. Projects included cleaning Early Childhood Education, building the new Delta History Room, cleaning out junk from rooms, clearing wood piles, replacing fire doors (special thanks to David Betts) and more!

Brothers shared their impressions of where the household stood and what their goals were for the end of the year (doubling the size of the fraternity). Alumni discussed the current issues of needing a sprinkler system installed. Solutions included a fundraiser to make up the difference.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to introduce the new changes to the website, but oh well. If you’re reading this now, I gotcha!

Join Us On Facebook

Another thing Dlbwck and I have been working on since we started on this website is working on creating a common space for Deltas.

After conversations with Bruce Kubler (’78), we decided consolidating Deltas of all stripes, ages, etc. into one place on Facebook would be the best way to go.

You can join the group by searching for “Delta Psi Delta – Linfield Alumni” or by following this link. If you haven’t already, we also recommend signing up for MailChimp to stay in contact with news, alumni meetings and Fifth Thursdays.

All that said, what have you been working on this summer? Where did you go? Send us an email, and we can put together a Delta mailbag. That’s all from me, Dlbwck, and my assist- I mean co-website manager, Ben. And we bid you a-cockle-doodle-dieu.

Happy New Year From Delta Psi Delta

*dlbwck!* Well, hell-in-a-handbasket, it seems I’ve forgotten what day it is!

That’s right, it’s me, Dlbwck, back again with another update for all those dear ol’ Deltas who’ve been wondering what the brothers have been up to as of late. We had quite the Fall semester, introducing new members, saving the basement and otherwise planning (or not planning) new changes for a new year!

New Year, New Members

L-R: Ryan, Nick, Avery

This past November, the active members introduced three new brothers to the bowels of the fraternity.

Ryan, Nick and Avery are excited to start their next chapter at Linfield University with Delta Psi Delta. During Initiation Week, they had the chance to meet alumni like Lorin Jones (’98), Jackson Horton (’15) and Adam Hernandez (’16), as well as the infamous Brother Murph!

Unfortunately, because I am no early bird, proper introductions will come at a later date and blog post. For now, let’s give a hearty, fraternal welcome to our newest members. Here’s a personal *dlbwck!* for the future.

L-R: Jackson Horton (’15), Adam Hernandez (’16), Ben Niesen (’17), TJ Lawrence (’23), Dez Witty (’24), Chance Jones (’25) (credit: Lorin Jones)

Flooded Basements Can’t Hold Down Our Spirits!

Well, it is that time of year again as well when the sump pump in the basement decides that working is for next year and flooding is for now.

Luckily, new member Nick was on the scene, ready to alert members and the 369 SE College Avenu Board.

Although some clear damage was done to some older composites and nearly all of the furniture downstairs, we are waiting for a full report from the restoration company. Anyone looking for an update on the situation will want to contact the peerless Wally Karstad.

Let’s End It On a Positive Resolution

Long lost brothers, reunited. (credit: Lorin Jones)

In the spirit of the New Year, Ol’ Dlbwck made a round of phone calls to the brothers to find out just what kind of resolutions they made for 2023. What resulted is a hodge-podge of plans and statements that might tickle your heart feathers. Enjoy, and Happy New Year! *dlbwck!*

Tanner: “Walk more places.”

Jordan: “I dunno, I’ve never frickin’ done this before.”

TJ: “Find Brother Murph a date.”

Dez: “Read more leisurely. Because school can sometimes suck the joy out of it.”

Ryan: “Run more places; I have to outdo Tanner, somehow.”

Avery: “Answering more phone calls (this rooster doesn’t feel slighted at all).”

Nick: “Read more, learn the guitar, invest in stocks and live a prosperous life.”

Happy New Year from Delta Psi Delta

Brotherhood Week Spring 2022

Welcome, Class of Spring ’22!

*dlb* Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my esteemed alumni and honored brothers. It’s ol’ *Dlbwck!* ready to ring in the Summer with a quick introduction to our newest member, Chance Jones.

A member of Linfield’s class of 2025, Chance has family ties to Delta. He took the plunge to join Delta this semester and, with great tenacity and good fun, succeeded where many have failed. What can I say? Ninkasi made the brothers proud, *dlbwck!*

After Brotherhood (also known as Initiation Week), he traded eggmails with yours truly *dlbwck!* to answer a few questions you all might have for him.

What is your major and what about it interests you?

My major is Wine Studies and it interested me because I love the process of making alcohol and find it really cool to do.

What one thing connected you with the brothers?

What I felt connected with the rest of the brotherhood was what I can only describe as rag-tag unity, so many different characters yet all similar in some way and it felt good to be a part of it.

What’s one goal you have to improve the house?

One thing I want to improve the house is the front yard, just clean it up a bit and paint some of the rooms that are left blank just so the house feels more full.


A very special thanks to all of alumni who came to help the brothers induct their newest member. *dlb dlb* Among this venerable group included Jackson Horton (’15), Adam Hernandez (’16), Thomas Shearer (’18), Adrian Duncan-Valdez (’20), Luke Fia and Jordan Leis (’21). We hope to see more alumni next year *dlb dlb*!

For now, I have taken the time to peck out a poem about what happened this past rush semester. I may be nobody’s Secretary, but I still know a good recapitulation story. *dlb dlb* So take a gander and pop a squawk and come all who know from where the Rooster crows.

(Alright, I may have gone a little long with the rhymes. *dlbwck!*)

Come one, come all ye Roosters faithful!
Come all ye who know the bond fraternal!
Come all ye Captain Coopers Troopers!
Come all ye who hymn the Delta Psi Delta!

And let *Dlbwck!* tell a tale of brotherhood,
Spin a yarn like only a Delta could: 
'Twas a long semester of studies, 
Filled with books, board games and buddies.

When a long winter turned to spring,
 "That's Amore" did the causeway chorus sing
Then did dear ol' Delta Psi's hymn
Herald a Springtide rush once again!

When snowy April turned to rainy May, 
There came a gravest whisper: "seven days..." 
Then did dear ol' Delta Psi seal,
Alumni returned and history was revealed. 

And through initiation they came together, 
A group of men, more than just members, 
Extended an invitation to the fraternity  
For a most welcome brother Ninkasi!


Brothers and brothermen, meet Brother Chance “Ninkasi” Jones, Spring ’22

Initiation Week 2022: A Fraternal Update

Well, well, well, if it isn’t May again at Linfield College and/or University. *dlb dlb*

The end of Spring Semester means every Delta out there should have their feathers standing on end for Initiation Week, whether they plan to attend or not.

It also means it’s time for another update as the Brothers prep themselves and the house for the upcoming week. And don’t nothing slip past Ol’ Dlbwck in his chicken coop and/or blogging office. *dlbwck!*

L-R: Brant Boyer (’97), Lorin Jones (’98), Timothy Hart (’97), Ryan Langdon (’97), Darren Born (’96), Mitch Anderson (’96)

Alumni Home Video & Work Party

For starters, alumni Lorin Jones (’98), Brant Boyer (’97), Tim Hart (’97), Ryan Langdon (’97), Darren Born (’96) and Mitch Anderson (’96) all stopped by to prank the brothers *dlb dlb* and wish Jones’ son and potential new member, Chance, good luck in the coming week ahead.

During the party, brothers and alumni sat down to watch home videos of the Brotherhood as it was 30 years ago. *dlb* Needless to say, everyone was surprised by how the rooms may have changed but how the spirit has stayed the same.

Not ol’ Dlbwck, though. He might ruffle new feathers, but he’s still the same ol’ Rooster. *dlbwck!*

Meanwhile, alums Abraham Romero (’21), Ben Niesen (’17) and Larry Thornton-Jones (’67) cleared the basement of debris, remaking the Champagne Room back into a lounge and rendering the Gym usable once again. *dlb dlb*

And with that all said, I’m going to hand off to my trusty sidekick, Ben, (hey, he didn’t come at me for once!) for the official Initiation Week schedule.

I-Week Schedule

I’m too tired after yesterday, Dlbwck. Don’t push your luck.

Anyways, the brothers will appreciate any and all alumni who can make it to the following events:

  • History Session (Thursday, May 5th @ 6:30pm)
  • Cookout (Friday May 6th @ 5pm)
  • D-Day (Saturday May 7th @ 9am)

The weekend events officially kick off Friday evening and Saturday morning, but Deltas will welcome all alumni who visit the house at any point during the weekend.

This is always a fun time to be at the Delta House as we welcome new members into the fraternity, so please drop by and meet our potential new member, Chance Jones!

And that’s it from me and Dlbwck, see you next time on the Delta Scroll!

February Alumni Work Party Recap

*Puk puk* Hello there! It’s me, Dlbwick, again, with another update!

Spring is upon us, and ol’ Dlbwck knows what Punxsutawney Phil was actually afraid of his living quarters. He put off six more weeks of Spring cleaning. *puk puk!*

Not here, though; the Delta men and alumni banded together on February 5 to get long-overdue projects done. From moving couches to cleaning fireplaces and reorganizing the tool shed to lightening up our bookshelves, we did nearly did it all. *puk!*

Unfortunately, the dump closed at 4, but that didn’t stop us from doing a little more. The young clucks rearranged lounges and empty rooms for more living spaces. Take a look at our gallery, and don’t forget to tip the photographer, me!

*various loud banging noises*
*maybe profanity*

Okay, okay, do you have to make such a ruckus?

The scriptwriter would like to correct the record, that it was, in fact, Ben who took the pictures. *puk!* But it’s all eggs under the hen now. The brothers would like you to know that they hope this becomes a more regular thing and a more regular thing it shall be!

The Alumni Association would like to announce the next Alumni Work Party for:

April 30, 2022 @11am-3pm

For this next work party, we aim to clean and organize Early Childhood Education and the Champagne Room in the basement.

So come one, come all, please contact us at dpdalumni@gmail.com if you are interested in attending. We look forward to seeing you and promise only the finest coffee and donuts Starbucks, and Albertsons can buy!


Edit: Updated next Alumni Work Party date!


*puk, puk, puk*

Guess who’s back, back in Mac? It’s me, Dlbwck! Well, I guess I never really left, but it’s been a long, long time, all with nary a cluck.

Things must have gotten hectic around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, which means I didn’t have any script for a Winter update or nuthin’! What’s up with that, Ben?

*various and boisterous crashes noises*

Alright, alright, I get it. *puk!* Holidays have a way of erasing people’s attention spans. However, Linfield University’s spring semester has begun, and it’s high time for another in-Delta rush week! How long has it been since we could say that?

To commemorate the occasion, the current brothers of the house would like to invite our alumni family to Rush Week Spring 2022. Take a look at the schedule:

The brothers recommend our more esteemed alumni (you know who you are) attend our Brotherhood Trivia Night on Feb 21.

They also recommend our younger alumni (you definitely know who you are *puk!*) attend Game Night and Archery Tag on Feb 22 and 23, respectively.

Bid night is planned for Friday, Feb 25.

Regardless of whether you choose to attend the upcoming Spring Rush Week, we wish you a happy end of Winter! Don’t worry; Ben and the Brothers have assured my nervous beak that they are working together to release more updates about the rush semester in the future. Isn’t that a relief?

*more loud crashes*
*maybe profanity*

That’s all from me, folks! I gotta run before Ben roasts me for dinner, *puk!*

Is This Thing On?

dlb dlb

Hello, hello? Is this thing on? Give me one second here, dlb.

Rummaging noises, shuffling boxes, crashing debris, dlbwck!

Ah, here we are!

A bright flash and a warm hum.

The Fraternity Mascot

Rockin RoosterExcuse me for the delay.

It’s hard to be a self-made rooster sometimes. For a website manager, I can only manage a measly 10 words per minute. It’s hard enough flipping an important switch without hands, but now I have to type with my beak as well! Not surprisingly, I go through quite a few keyboards a year. Oh well, self-improvement right?

But I’m getting ahead of myself, the name is Dlbwck and I am more than just a self-made rooster. I am the mascot of Delta Psi Delta dblwck! Mascot of Delta Psi Delta, Champion of the Dirty Dozen, Guardian of 369 SE College Ave. and Builder of Fraternal Bonds. Or something like that. dlb dlb!

Recently I was asked by the Alumni Association to help manage our new website and launch it off the ground dlb. I will be writing for our new blog, The Delta Scroll and look forward to providing new editions of active and alumni member updates as well as providing commentary on the value of Greek Life on Linfield campus and the power of a small fraternity dlb dlb.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, my assistant Ben Niesen—DLBWCK!—sorry, sorry, website co-manager, Ben Niesen will introduce you to the different pages of the new website. It might seem light on features, but we have a plan. So without further ado, here is the new website.

Website Tour

delta-psi-delta-linfield-universityHello there, this is Ben Niesen, Class of ’17 and I have (our soon to be) eight main pages I want to introduce. In order they are our Homepage, History, Mission, House and Joining pages, as well as a page for Executive Brothers, Alumni Board and, of course, The Delta Scroll. You probably already found out where the scroll resides.

As Dlbwck explained, it will contain all of our blogs and updates, so we’ll skip that one and explore the other seven. Let’s dive right in.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Our homepage will take to the main pages of our site, providing a quick scroll to information on our mission, history, house and executives as well as an easy way to access the scroll.

Our Mission

Come read about our mission, our philosophy and our values that will guide young Deltas and the house into the future. We believe these values afford every Delta their chance to grow into something more.

Our Story

The history of Delta Psi Delta is rich in legends and trophies. Our timeline gives a basic overview of the brotherhood’s independence. We look forward to adding more stories in the future.

newhouseOur House

Read about the home of every Delta, new and old. Our fraternity owns one of the oldest buildings on campus and features many luxuries to help brothers relax between classes. Every brother is expected to make their mark on the house during the pledging semester.

The Brother Executives

Coming Soon: Meet the current leadership of our active members. These are the Deltas of the future who carry forth the mantle of the original Dirty Dozen and introduce new members to the structure of our organization.

The Alumni Board Members

Meet the alumni of the various boards that assist the brothers in growing Delta Psi Delta. These are the people working behind the scenes to make sure the fraternity will stand the test of time.

Become a Brother

If you are not already a brother and reading this, do not hesitate: it’s time to meet the active members, tour the house and decide if Delta Psi Delta is right for you!

To The Future of Delta Psi Delta


We hope you enjoyed this introductory post for our new website dlb. Both Ben and I have worked diligently for the last several months scrubbing the old website for content, saving every picture we could find and then building this website from scratch dlbwck. We look forward to adding new pages, expanding existing ones and otherwise making this site something to behold. Subscribe to The Delta Scroll today and receive email updates every time we publish a new blog post.