Spring 2022: A Fraternal Update

Well, well, well, if it isn’t May again at Linfield College and/or University. *dlb dlb*

The end of Spring Semester means every Delta out there should have their feathers standing on end for Initiation Week, whether they plan to attend or not.

It also means it’s time for another update as the Brothers prep themselves and the house for the upcoming week. And don’t nothing slip past Ol’ Dlbwck in his chicken coop and/or blogging office. *dlbwck!*

L-R: Brant Boyer (’97), Lorin Jones (’98), Timothy Hart (’97), Ryan Langdon (’97), Darren Born (’96), Mitch Anderson (’96)

Alumni Home Video & Work Party

For starters, alumni Lorin Jones (’98), Brant Boyer (’97), Tim Hart (’97), Ryan Langdon (’97), Darren Born (’96) and Mitch Anderson (’96) all stopped by to prank the brothers *dlb dlb* and wish Jones’ son and potential new member, Chance, good luck in the coming week ahead.

During the party, brothers and alumni sat down to watch home videos of the Brotherhood as it was 30 years ago. *dlb* Needless to say, everyone was surprised by how the rooms may have changed but how the spirit has stayed the same.

Not ol’ Dlbwck, though. He might ruffle new feathers, but he’s still the same ol’ Rooster. *dlbwck!*

Meanwhile, alums Abraham Romero (’21), Ben Niesen (’17) and Larry Thornton-Jones (’67) cleared the basement of debris, remaking the Champagne Room back into a lounge and rendering the Gym usable once again. *dlb dlb*

And with that all said, I’m going to hand off to my trusty sidekick, Ben, (hey, he didn’t come at me for once!) for the official Initiation Week schedule.

Brotherhood Week Schedule

I’m too tired after yesterday, Dlbwck. Don’t push your luck.

Anyways, the brothers will appreciate any and all alumni who can make it to the following events:

  • History Session (Thursday, May 5th @ 6:30pm)
  • Cookout (Friday May 6th @ 5pm)
  • D-Day (Saturday May 7th @ 9am)

The weekend events officially kick off Friday evening and Saturday morning, but Deltas will welcome all alumni who visit the house at any point during the weekend.

This is always a fun time to be at the Delta House as we welcome new members into the fraternity, so please drop by and meet our potential new member, Chance Jones!

And that’s it from me and Dlbwck; see you next time on the Delta Scroll!

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