Fundraiser and Pledge Class Update

Howdy there, fellow Deltas, it’s *Dlbwck!* and Ben with a promised update on our Spring ‘23 Fundraiser and pledge class. A lot of work has happened in the past month, some of it deliberate, some of it by the seat of our *dlb*-ing pants, all of it with the goal of keeping the house comfyContinue reading “Fundraiser and Pledge Class Update”

New Members and Rush Week Spring ’23

*dlbwck!* Howdy there Deltas of a different feather, it’s ol’ Dlbwck again, ready to smooth your coat with another update at the beginning of Spring Semester 2023. It’s been a *dlb*ing minute, and as the co-resident super-super-super-senior here, along with Brother Murph and the bruising encouragement of Alumni Ben (seriously, man, words hurt), I wantedContinue reading “New Members and Rush Week Spring ’23”