Fundraiser and Pledge Class Update

Howdy there, fellow Deltas, it’s *Dlbwck!* and Ben with a promised update on our Spring ‘23 Fundraiser and pledge class. A lot of work has happened in the past month, some of it deliberate, some of it by the seat of our *dlb*-ing pants, all of it with the goal of keeping the house comfy and cozy for the brothers and their newly pledged members (pledges, where?!?). *Dlbwck!*

Before we get started will be pleased to know the Archives page has been updated with new content.

Spring ‘23 Fundraiser (Name Still Pending)

*dlbwck!* On February 9th, yours truly was knocked out of his nest with a bang and a thud and a yell from Ben.

“Wake up Dlbwck! We got a fundraiser goin’ on!”

To which I haughtily replied, “Hold on now, there’s only one rooster in this here house, and he’ll let you know when he’s a cockle-doodlin’, dude.”

Then I saw Matthew “Pebbles” Taylor’s challenge, and the beak hit the floor: if the alumni could raise $5000 dollars by March 1st, then Pebbles would match it with his own $5000. I might not be a math major (I’m an anthropology rooster), but that’s 10 big ones, *dlbwck!*

The bad news is that we still don’t have a name for it, so ol’ *dlbwck!* has taken to calling it the Name Pending Fundraiser.

But here’s the good news: by February 15th, the alumni raised the requested sum of $5000.

Since then, the total has risen to $6,150. With Matthew Taylor’s matching amount, that brings the total amount to $11,150. Firstly, ol’ *dlb*-erson would like to thank Matthew Taylor for this incredible show of go-get-em gumption and inspiring self-starter attitude. Secondly, we would like to thank all the alumni who donated:

  • Andy Hunt
  • Ansel Johnson
  • Art Larrance
  • Brant Boyer
  • Brian Morrissey
  • Bruce Kubler
  • Bruce Lundquist
  • Clayton Martin
  • Douglas Brininstool
  • Gary Stautz
  • Jack Collins
  • James Harger
  • John Murray
  • Jordan Baines
  • Larry Bentz
  • Larry Gurian
  • Larry Thornton-Jones
  • Lorin Jones
  • Mason Brunette
  • Matthew Bissonette
  • Mitchell Anderson
  • Nicholas Weiland
  • Pat Fahey
  • Richard Fowler
  • Rick Pullen
  • Rick Thompson
  • Robert Haugen
  • Ron Johnston
  • Tanya Engel
  • Timothy Ledbetter

Without the help of these plucky individuals, we would not have reached some monumental sum. So please, take a bow *dlb, dlb*. And if you haven’t already donated, consider getting before the final cock crows.

Update: the fundraiser is now closed! *dlbwck!*

Resident non-scientist here: that’s some serious blackus moldus on a now removed piece of wall.

What’s The Plan, Though, Dlbwck?

*dlbwck!* Ah, yes, the plan.

As you all know, the basement sump pump in-*dlb*-itably chose a hell of a time to fail when all the brothers and alumni were still enjoying the winter holidays. Therefore the alumni are prioritizing covering the costs of restoration, which is already underway and is slowly making progress (update on that soon).

But that’s not all! This money will be used to cover:

  • Basement Restoration Costs
  • Chapter Room Chimney Repairs
  • Chapter Room Window Repairs

The combined 369 College Ave and Alumni Association Boards will come up with a *dlb*-proof plan for any remaining cash from the fundraiser. This plan will be presented once we’ve had a final accounting. And with that, Ben’s going to talk about every Delta’s second favorite week, Rush Week!

Back (L-R): Brothers Dez, Avery, Ryan, Chance and Jordan strike a pose.
Front (L-R): Pledged Members Jackson, Won, Amadou and Salem work on their Greek Letters.

The Pledge Class of Spring ‘23

As with any new semester comes a new rush class. The brothers hosted four events: house tours on Monday, the “Night of 1000 Nuggets” on Tuesday, Dodgeball games on Wednesday and a barbecue on Thursday. Roughly 30 young men were signed up by the school as potentially interested in Greek Life and attended the events.

After deliberation, the brothers extended four bids to potential members. All were accepted, and when the dust cleared from bid night, the brothers welcomed pledged members Amadou, Jackson, Salem and Won to Delta Psi Delta. With the help of Jackson Horton (‘15), Lincoln Neal (‘15), Adrian Duncan-Valdez (‘19), and Peter Kleier (‘19), bid night on Saturday, February 18th, was a smash hit.

The brothers would like to extend thanks to the alumni members who came for bid night. If you are bummed to have missed out, don’t worry, the brothers look forward to opening their doors to the alumni during I-Week.

I-Week Dates coming soon. Now, back to the rooster!

The Delta Way: Bilbo Baggins (Avery) poses while the dehumidifier does all the work.

Spring Cleaning From The Basement Up

Hey, that’s Mr. *dlbwck!* to you, Mr. Website Co-Manager. Anyways, as we mentioned, the house suffered a flood on December 27th.

Since then, the Alumni Association and active brothers have cleared out any furniture infected with mold, cut out over 30 feet worth of infected drywall and conducted tests to measure asbestos and mold levels *dlb, dlb*. All levels are normal, and the brothers are not at risk for exposure (in fact, mold levels were registered higher outside the house rather than inside).

Contributions from Larry Thornton-Jones, Adrian Duncan-Valdez, David Betts and Paul have allowed for the project to speed along at a *dlb*-break pace and remove countless dilapidated objects from the house. Brothers have also cleaned multiple unused rooms. They are now ready for move-in!

Alumni Work Party dates are being discussed for later in the Spring and Summer. Stay tuned to the Delta Scroll, and we will keep you appraised. And with that, ol’ *dlbwck!* (and Ben) bid you a-cockle-doodle-dieu.

“He’s my spirit animal.” – Dlbwck, 2022

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