This Year’s Delta Fundraiser

Howdy there, Dlbwck here to present some recent news of the spontaneous variety. Alumni Matthew Taylor (class of 2006) has started a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $10,000 by March 1st.

This fundraiser will help the Alumni Association and 369 Boards gather the capital necessary for some critical needs at the property, including:

  • Renovating the basement from flood damage
  • Replacing the chimney damper in the Chapter Room
  • Replacing the broken window in the Chapter Room
  • Securing supplies for repainting the House exterior

Affectionately known as Pebbles, Matthew Taylor is ready to match a 5k donation sourced from various parties with his own 5k in order to reach the 10k goal. This might not pay for everything needed, however, it will be enough seed money for the 369 Board to finish the job with its own revenue.

Friends of the house, brothers, and alumni, if Delta is a special place to you now or in memory, please consider donating today.

Published by Dlbwck

Hello, hello! My name is Dlbwck and I represent Delta Psi Delta. You may have seen me on the crest, standing proud among the stars of our first members and the stripes of your double tenets: duty and devotion. With the changing times, I decided to try my hand at web design and management. Look for my blog posts on the Delta Scroll and enjoy the Delta Psi Delta website.

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