Welcome to Fall 2022

Back Beneath the Old Oak Tree

*ring-ring, ring-ring* *thud!* *ring-ring, ring-ring* *bang, crash, thud!* Dlbwck!

Alright, alright, I’m up. I’m up. Seems a rooster can only get so far with a snooze option. Dlb, dlb! But what do you expect? I am only attending my *checks notes* 119th year at Linfield College University. Classes have started, and I’ve already missed my first few. Hmm, this is some advanced senioritis, dlb.

You may have noticed it’s back-to-school season by way of endless office supply sales, cooler temperatures and shorter evenings. Here at the Delta House, ol’ Dlbwck can tell by the din of brothers returned to their ancestral home, dlb, dlb. Yes, whether attending school or just visiting for football, a call always seems to go out in the fall:

“Come home.”

With that in mind both, Ben and I have some things for your consideration this fall, dlbwck!

Alan Hubka speaks to the Deltas

New Website Features

You might not think it, but ol’ Dlbwck here has been quite the industrious rooster this summer. Yes, this would-be poultry has been keeping watch over the 369 SE College Avenue coop, but he’s also in charge of this here website, dlb, dlb.

Active members TJ Lawrence and Chance Jones are all smiles.

Some of this is normal housekeeping, like updating our Brother Executives page for newly elected Social Treasurer, Chance Jones.

But this preened machine has also been collaborating with Ben and Jim Harger to bring you an online database of our archives. This will be the place where our alumni can find digitized photo albums and home videos.

We will be adding things slowly, but we hope you enjoy this compendium built by Deltas for Deltas. The password will be sent out in an email soon. If you don’t receive the password, send us an email today! And with that-dlbwck!-I leave it to you, Ben.

Return of The Homecoming Banquet…

Debbie Harmon speaks to the Deltas

Delta’s annual homecoming buffet has returned. Alumni from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s all arrived to enjoy great food and a chance to reconnect two years after COVID-19 shut down the possibility of meeting in person.

And through the excellent fundraising efforts of our alumni, we managed to bring every active Delta there, including me, apparently!

Together, the alumni raised over 1400 dollars to ensure all active Deltas will be able to attend future banquets to come.

Speakers included Alan Hubka and Debbie Harmon. Both graced the crowd with plaudits for their ability to stay in touch and engage with each other’s lives, speaking to the power of fraternity through the ages. Harmon expressed a mutual admiration between our local fraternity and the administration of Linfield University.

Alan Hubka, as always, gave thanks the indefatigable Kay Johnston. Dlbwck would like to echo that statement: without her, we would not have had an event that rekindled old friendships, connected new members to alumni and reestablished our fraternal collection.

…and the Annual Meeting

Our homecoming dinner is not all, Dlbwck! After two years gone, the brothers welcomed alumni back into the house for our annual meeting of the different executive boards, discussing current and future issues relevant to the longevity of the fraternity.

The incomparable Wally Karstad put together an effective presentation detailing where 369 College Ave. board stood keeping the house financially sound while the brothers continued preparing to recruit more members.

Jeff Kressner and the Educational Board also congratulated Tanner Coulter and Jordan Tate for their academic success with scholarships.

Larry Thornton-Jones highlighted how alumni carried out multiple work parties throughout the year. Projects included cleaning Early Childhood Education, building the new Delta History Room, cleaning out junk from rooms, clearing wood piles, replacing fire doors (special thanks to David Betts) and more!

Brothers shared their impressions of where the household stood and what their goals were for the end of the year (doubling the size of the fraternity). Alumni discussed the current issues of needing a sprinkler system installed. Solutions included a fundraiser to make up the difference.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to introduce the new changes to the website, but oh well. If you’re reading this now, I gotcha!

Join Us On Facebook

Another thing Dlbwck and I have been working on since we started on this website is working on creating a common space for Deltas.

After conversations with Bruce Kubler (’78), we decided consolidating Deltas of all stripes, ages, etc. into one place on Facebook would be the best way to go.

You can join the group by searching for “Delta Psi Delta – Linfield Alumni” or by following this link. If you haven’t already, we also recommend signing up for MailChimp to stay in contact with news, alumni meetings and Fifth Thursdays.

All that said, what have you been working on this summer? Where did you go? Send us an email, and we can put together a Delta mailbag. That’s all from me, Dlbwck, and my assist- I mean co-website manager, Ben. And we bid you a-cockle-doodle-dieu.

Published by Dlbwck

Hello, hello! My name is Dlbwck and I represent Delta Psi Delta. You may have seen me on the crest, standing proud among the stars of our first members and the stripes of your double tenets: duty and devotion. With the changing times, I decided to try my hand at web design and management. Look for my blog posts on the Delta Scroll and enjoy the Delta Psi Delta website.

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