Is This Thing On?

dlb dlb

Hello, hello? Is this thing on? Give me one second here, dlb.

Rummaging noises, shuffling boxes, crashing debris, dlbwck!

Ah, here we are!

A bright flash and a warm hum.

The Fraternity Mascot

Rockin RoosterExcuse me for the delay.

It’s hard to be a self-made rooster sometimes. For a website manager, I can only manage a measly 10 words per minute. It’s hard enough flipping an important switch without hands, but now I have to type with my beak as well! Not surprisingly, I go through quite a few keyboards a year. Oh well, self-improvement right?

But I’m getting ahead of myself, the name is Dlbwck and I am more than just a self-made rooster. I am the mascot of Delta Psi Delta dblwck! Mascot of Delta Psi Delta, Champion of the Dirty Dozen, Guardian of 369 SE College Ave. and Builder of Fraternal Bonds. Or something like that. dlb dlb!

Recently I was asked by the Alumni Association to help manage our new website and launch it off the ground dlb. I will be writing for our new blog, The Delta Scroll and look forward to providing new editions of active and alumni member updates as well as providing commentary on the value of Greek Life on Linfield campus and the power of a small fraternity dlb dlb.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, my assistant Ben Niesen—DLBWCK!—sorry, sorry, website co-manager, Ben Niesen will introduce you to the different pages of the new website. It might seem light on features, but we have a plan. So without further ado, here is the new website.

Website Tour

delta-psi-delta-linfield-universityHello there, this is Ben Niesen, Class of ’17 and I have (our soon to be) eight main pages I want to introduce. In order they are our Homepage, History, Mission, House and Joining pages, as well as a page for Executive Brothers, Alumni Board and, of course, The Delta Scroll. You probably already found out where the scroll resides.

As Dlbwck explained, it will contain all of our blogs and updates, so we’ll skip that one and explore the other seven. Let’s dive right in.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Our homepage will take to the main pages of our site, providing a quick scroll to information on our mission, history, house and executives as well as an easy way to access the scroll.

Our Mission

Come read about our mission, our philosophy and our values that will guide young Deltas and the house into the future. We believe these values afford every Delta their chance to grow into something more.

Our Story

The history of Delta Psi Delta is rich in legends and trophies. Our timeline gives a basic overview of the brotherhood’s independence. We look forward to adding more stories in the future.

newhouseOur House

Read about the home of every Delta, new and old. Our fraternity owns one of the oldest buildings on campus and features many luxuries to help brothers relax between classes. Every brother is expected to make their mark on the house during the pledging semester.

The Brother Executives

Coming Soon: Meet the current leadership of our active members. These are the Deltas of the future who carry forth the mantle of the original Dirty Dozen and introduce new members to the structure of our organization.

The Alumni Board Members

Meet the alumni of the various boards that assist the brothers in growing Delta Psi Delta. These are the people working behind the scenes to make sure the fraternity will stand the test of time.

Become a Brother

If you are not already a brother and reading this, do not hesitate: it’s time to meet the active members, tour the house and decide if Delta Psi Delta is right for you!

To The Future of Delta Psi Delta


We hope you enjoyed this introductory post for our new website dlb. Both Ben and I have worked diligently for the last several months scrubbing the old website for content, saving every picture we could find and then building this website from scratch dlbwck. We look forward to adding new pages, expanding existing ones and otherwise making this site something to behold. Subscribe to The Delta Scroll today and receive email updates every time we publish a new blog post.





Published by Dlbwck

Hello, hello! My name is Dlbwck and I represent Delta Psi Delta. You may have seen me on the crest, standing proud among the stars of our first members and the stripes of your double tenets: duty and devotion. With the changing times, I decided to try my hand at web design and management. Look for my blog posts on the Delta Scroll and enjoy the Delta Psi Delta website.

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